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Lando Jerky – Inferno – 1/2 lb (8 oz)


A full half-pound of Lando’s delicious Inferno beef jerky. Not as hot as it sounds but has just the right amount of heat!

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Product Description


Lando Jerky’s inferno is the most addicting spicy beef jerky known to man; you will LOVE it! Not as hot as it sounds but has just the right amount of heat.

Lando jerky making process:
1) I purchase high quality USDA choice grade angus from my local meat market and have the meat thinly sliced to produce great quality, tender, easy to chew jerky
2) I marinate the meat in high quality seasonings for 24 hours to infuse the flavors
3) I slow-cook and smoke the jerky for over six hours
4) After the meat has cooled I vacuum seal the jerky to ensure it stays fresh during shipping and weeks to come
5) This process can take 3-5 days depending on when I last purchased meat which I usually do on a weekly basis



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